Welcome to The Ladies Meeting

We meet once a month at The Sylvia Hotel, Vancouver. We are a social and business networking group for any woman.  If you are a student, a stay at home mom, a corporate banker, leader of your own self-employed crew we hope that we can offer you support on your journey to success and happiness. We are all here to support each other in our definition of success and personal leadership. Please check out our members through their writings on the blog, their ads and in person at lunch each month.

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Our Approach

Helping women discover more possibilities and create more realities:

I  (Anyssa) grew up wondering what the ladies at church did at “Ladies Meetings” now I am old enough to guess.. They were talking about men, sneaking a smoke, a coffee or maybe a nip of gin. They were sharing their stories of children lost, children raised, mothers, husbands, partners, lovers and inlaws and out laws. They talked about the food they could cook, the fruit they would can and the gardens they would grow. There was talk of money in, money out, business successes and failures. As women in the borders of Canada, we come from many nations, we are incredibly diverse, have a huge drive and immense life experience and stories to share. Want to be part of weaving our stories together?
Please contact Anyssa or Angela.

Meet the Team

The idea of The Ladies Meeting was started in 2012 in a small BC town.  We started out as just coffee meetings, women supporting each other.  Since opening in Vancouver in 2016 we have brought together a diverse group of women to share presentations and information to assist each other in success on our own terms.

angela hajsan

Angela Lavigne

C0 -Founder

anyssa carruthers

Anyssa ( Richmond ) Carruthers