Welcome to our sign up page- Please sign up for the membership level that works best for you! We have not figured out how to take Bitcoin yet, but we can take Credit Card, Paypal or if you contact us you are welcome to pay in cash at a live meeting.

*Our goal will eventually be "No woman left behind."  If you know someone who gives back to their community and maybe can't afford a membership we will take applications to have membership waived. We cannot cover menu fees though at this time. (we will eventually or will find a sponsor)

Level Price  
Returning 2018 Member $99.00 now and then $99.00 per Year for 2 more Years. Select
Bi Annual Lunch Sponsor $300.00 now. Select
The Roster $250.00 now. Select
Alpha Phi Beta Kappa Invite only to permanent Members Free Select
2018 & 2019 Paid Member Free Select