November Meeting – The Ladies Meeting Speaker Angela Lavigne

5 Tips To Grow Your Network in a New City

As the Co-Founder of The Ladies Meeting I never really thought about one day presenting… I was more focused on making sure we have presenters lined up, as I want to help other ladies share their stories, grow and build their businesses.

Thanks to Anyssa for the push and believing in me as I am now very excited to share with our amazing group 5 Tips to Grow Your Network in a New City.

I was not born and raised in the beautiful West Coast, where I come from it snows more than rains… Mississauga Ontario. I was born and raised in Mississauga and had a very large network. BOTH of my parents are social butterflies and my brothers like myself are far from shy.

Since moving to Yaletown early 2014 I have met and married my best friend, grown my LinkedIn network to 1,500+, started a FB business page, became the Co Founder of The Ladies Meeting + Eat, Work, Play and the list of accomplishments goes on.

My presentation will focus on the story of my life, the ebs and flows and how I grew my network in Vancouver and surrounding areas.

Please join us for lunch at The Historic Sylvia Hotel on English Bay in Vancouver. We are a women’s group focused on personal leadership, building amazing friendships and networking with the intention to truly assist each other in success.

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