10 ways to work on personal leadership with Sandrine Ramoisy

Most of us who are working for ourselves, or in offices working with others find a moment where we need to learn new skills to get to the next level, to affect change in our daily routines and how we do things. Sometimes looking to others who have effectively changed their patterns, who have discovered new roads to create more personal success on their own terms, is a great way to get there faster. Sandrine will share her top ten ways she made massive changes in her life that have assisted in getting her to where she is today. Her goal was more happiness, more financial success, and control of her destiny and we will hear about her journey to get there.

Looking for like minded, hard working women. If you work in an office with a group of people, for yourself, for a non-profit, retired or taking maternity leave and need some grown up time. Business woman is a mindset. We are supporting each other in success, on our own terms! We share about what we can do for each other or our community, what we need and what we want now and in the future.

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Hosted by Anyssa Carruthers and Angela Lavigne
Take Note we have moved from Joey Bentall to up the street as Parking is free.You are welcome to bring a door prize – please contact us in advance to make sure it is appropriate. We also give a lunch away to one luck attendee when we have ten or more attend!

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