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The Ladies Meeting is an online hub, and live events,  with a mission of bringing together women business owners, to educate and inspire them to design their most beautiful life and build their idea of an epic business empire.  

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We believe that designing your best life starts with foundations, learning, taking chances, exploring your boundaries, and having other people to share your successes with! We hope you will find mentors, colleagues, and training here to achieve even more success than you have right now.  We bring together people who all want to feel worthy of all the work they are putting into family, friends and business, so that they will thrive, succeed and grow together in the most fun dynamic ways possible. 

It can be overwhelming sometimes when you are trying to succeed in designing the life you pictured for yourself, challenging to take care of those you are committed to share a life with, and stressful when you are working to build that epic business empire that you know you need, to buy yourself time.
” Success leaves clues” and it can take time to discover and implement as you go, to do all of the things you want,with all the people you are committed to. Having support, mentors, and training can make it all easier, faster and fun!
We are here for all of that! 

Have you ever…

  • Wanted more than you have right now
  • Felt like you just aren’t enough but know you with a little work you could feel better if you just had the tools to do it?
  • Had great ideas, wrote them down and you know you could be really passionate about turning them into a business, but are not sure where to start? So you never started!
  • Joined a company that said you would have a ton of passive income if you just worked hard, but that has not panned out and you aren’t sure why. 
  • Thought that if you just had one other person who believed in you, you would have enough energy to lift off, stay focused and become the success you know you can be? 
  • Felt like you are not worthy of the things other people have achieved or have, as you just don’t have the skills, or didn’t have the time to get the degrees  in school they have, or the money to buy the gym membership to look as good as they do in their marketing. 
  • Felt alone with your lack of success, you want to design a beautiful life and business but you just don’t know how to achieve it.

If you have ever felt this way – you might just be human, and you are  not alone in this feeling! And the truth is, it has  taken time, focus, friends, and mentors for nearly everyone that has made it “ big”, who has a “ beautiful life” or has built an “ epic empire” that people are envious of.   Often those people you are envious or curious about have failed, and failed in many ways, before you ever saw them as a success. 

We want your dreams to have strong foundation and together in The Ladies Meeting, we are sharing success clues, skills,  coming together,  live and online to share the tools and tricks to design a beautiful life, show you how having a secure financial footing can assist you in building your business.


Here are some of the things we provide

First pick up your free work book and course on Understanding Your Motivational Blocks that I have put together for you! It is a “Fast Track Guide to overcoming your motivational blocks and getting past them”

You can get it a www.anyssajane.com which will pop you right over to explaining a bit about and then you can click and it will take your right to the course!

  • Monthly live luncheon in Vancouver with a speaker on a topic that are brought to you by other members, who are already in business, who can mentor and support you in your own success. Take one day a month to just work on designing your best life, come back each month to build a strong network of friends who are like-minded and working on achieving their own business success as well.
  • Online and Live Workshops, masterclasses, Podcasts, and Courses in everything you need to succeed.  From Finance to mediation, we are also look for mentors for you to learn from! ( If you know someone you want Anyssa Jane to interview please send her a note on Instagram at www.instagram.com/anyssajane 
  • For those that really want to work towards personal and business success and want to set a deadline for doing it, you can join our Inner circle, YVR Masterminds that meets in person and online 2x a month. 
  • A strong online network in a private app so you don’t have to feel guilty about being in a distracting Facebook group to work on your business and network. -Leave the app open on your phone or laptop guilt-free as there are no ads, no distractions that aren’t about you working on your goals and like-minded people doing the same.

Click to get your first 2 months free! You can RSVP for lunch after you create a profile inside The Entrepreneur Collective App and choose to join The Ladies Meeting in the groups section and explore the opportunities there .   You do have to put a credit card in to join and just cancel before your two month if you don’t think the group is for you.  You do need to purchase your own lunch/breakfast and a tip is included for our server in the Bistro.

If you are coming in from out of town & need accomdations to come for lunch or would like to join us for the whole day, please contact us as we meet in The Sylvia Hotel and we can connect you.

It is downtown on English Bay and there is great transporation in Vancouver if you are coming in from out of town.