Ashieda Arruda Vocal Coach Vancouver

Asheida Arruda has been a voice instructor and coach for six years, training with some of the world’s top vocal instructors and institutes such as SLS, IVA to Vocal Yoga Method®. In this time she has worked with total beginners, artists, singer- songwriters, actors and public speakers. Her background in music, education and psychology for the past 20 years has helped students and clients gain more awareness and control of how to effectively use their voice and own it. Her holistic approach to the voice includes breath work, vocal yoga, toning, posturing, tailored vocal technique and so much more. Along with tailored tools, techniques and supportive coaching, students not only develop confidence, they claim it.

You can’t work with the Voice without collaborating with the whole being. There is no separation.” ~Asheida
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Voice Workshop:
Claim Your Voice, Claim Your Highest Vision
Yoga on 7th studio
Saturday Feb 23rd (times TBA)
The Ladies Meeting Members who sign up today receive a 20% off discount workshop
AND 20% off 1:1 voice session with Asheida.

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Early bird sign up ends Jan 31.
*All attendees receive #1 BONUS voice material

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