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June 2019 our speaker was Elaine Hansen – Cranial Sacral therapist and member of The Ladies Meeting. Please take a few moments to learn more about her, check out her social media, while listening to her and Anyssa Jane on The Ladies Meeting Podcast this month. She was our keynote speaker and featured member for the of July at our live event  spoke on ” The Body Never Lies”

Here is an introduction to her work and see below to listen to her podcast with Anyssa Jane

THE BODY NEVER LIES –  2019.06.11

THE BODY NEVER LIES.2 – 2019.07.01

Though the words “The Body Never Lies” are not original – many people have used those words many
times eg. Karen Kain, Artistic Director of The National Ballet, has written a book with that same title, The
Body Never Lies. Those same words have become the words I live by – my creed – for through
experience, I have learned them to be true.
As a dance and theatre artist with a 30+ year professional career, I lived by my body. My body was my
instrument, my vehicle of expression. It was the chassis that I was responsible for nourishing, keeping in
shape, for if allowed to fall into disrepair, my livelihood would follow suit.
So after retiring from performing, teaching, and creating in 2005, I returned to the 3 rd generation
hardware and lumber business co-owned with my – at-the-time – husband and I. My idea was to craft
both a succession plan for our son and retirement plan for my husband. Ironically, the best laid plans
came to nought . . . as the retail landscape changed. Shopping in bricks and mortar storefronts began to
be replaced by online shopping, small independents were being squeezed by the Big Box phenomenon –
there were multiple reasons why this once thriving business began to fail. And along with it, my body.
Until, in 2014, I discovered Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy – or BCST – and since that time, my life has
never been the same. For here was a therapy that could help me release all my pain – my mental,
physical, and emotional pain. EUREKA!! It was like MAGIC.
So following this epiphany, this awakening to an amazingly powerful modality, I said “That’s it. This is my
calling – this is what I was meant to do.” So I enrolled in the two year Body Intelligence training and in
2016, acquired four more letters after my name. I was now an RCST – a Registered Biodynamic
Craniosacral Therapist.
So if you find yourself suffering from anxiety, BCST can help calm your system. Depression? BCST will
improve your mood. Migraines, TMJ, motor vehicle accident recovery, chronic pain . . . I have seen
patients with Fibromyalgia make huge strides in reducing their meds, enrolling for yoga class and
generally transforming their lives.
Mind you, this touch modality is not an overnight cure. It is a process which takes place with several
treatments over time. . . like any healing practice. The body needs time to heal and change.
If you think you might be a candidate for this profoundly healing therapy, check out my website @
http://www.cranioelaine.com/ or call me @ (604) 314-9279. Your body will thank you.

 (Click to  purchase a ticket to this months event to hear the rest of Elaine’s story, the rest of her pdf will be available to members on the private network. )  We meet on the Last Tuesday of Each Month at The Sylvia Hotel in Vancouver from 1-3 PM. Please come early and stay late! You deserve it. 

Here is a link to her interview with Anyssa Jane on video – please leave a comment, share and subscribe to support Elaine and our group!
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