Welcome to Foundations!

We are opening our platform with a 30 Day Money Challenge. With a money plan you can work towards your success, learn to be financially free and not worry about debt. We will be tracking our debts, and stacking our wealth!  We will meet on our private Facebook page daily! You can leave comments, talk about challenges, confront your fears, and celebrate your successes with us.

One of my favorite  sayings is

" If you fail to plan, you plan to fail" - Benjamin Franklin

We have offered you a free daily planner you can download and print, set goals, write down your dreams!

But the magic is in tracking your money! For $25 CND you can download your own money plan. There are 3 formats available, pdf, excel and open source.  You will also get free updates for all of 2018!  Once you have purchased your document you will get an invite to our private Facebook page.

*waiver - by purchasing this spreadsheet it only challenges you to track your money, we take no responsibility for results and they will depend on your own commitment to work on it, fill it in and follow through.  Learning to track your finances can take time, it is like going to the gym. You have to stick with it for success.