Free Trademark Search worth $300

Andre helps companies and entrepreneurs who are truly committed to their success secure their trademarks—so that no one even thinks about ripping off their brand names, logos, and taglines.

He founded Trademark Factory® because trademarking services are not about billable hours—but about the result.

They are the only firm in the world that offers trademarking services with a predictable result for a predictable budget. Our licensed lawyers and trademark agents help entrepreneurs and businesses from around the world trademark their brands with a free comprehensive trademark search, for a single all-inclusive flat fee, with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Andre became a copyright lawyer over 20 years ago when his father, Mark Minkov, a famous Russian composer, caught a radio station stealing his music to make an ad for Samsung. While still a law student, he took this case all the way up to one level below the Supreme Court of Russia—and won!
Since then he has helped thousands of clients ranging from individuals and small startups to multi-billion-dollar corporations like Apple, Microsoft, Google and Dreamworks to celebrities like J.K. Rowling.

In 2007, he moved to Canada, went through 3 more years of law school, and in 2011 founded a business law firm with a focus on intellectual property.

In 2013, the idea of Trademark Factory was born, a service that would offer predictable, guaranteed trademarking services. This idea grew into a business model that has helped hundreds of our clients protect their brands—without spending a dime to find out if their brand is trademarkable and without having to worry about never-ending invoices or even having to pay for time that doesn’t result in the trademark registration.

In 2015, he voluntarily gave up my law license in order to focus on scaling up Trademark Factory.

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Free trademark search

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