Grace Tan Financial Advisor

1) Are you feeling confident about where you are at financially?
2) Is your money working hard for you as much as you are working hard for your money?
3) Are you protecting your income?
4) Is your retirement set and guaranteed?

Come and learn about the 6 steps to building your financial house. There is a proper foundation to build and if you’re not sure where to start, this is a good time to take a look at it.  If you have things in place and need this opportunity to review what you have then it’s a great time to see what can be improved.

Grace Tan graduated from Simon Fraser University with a Bachelor in Sociology.  She always had a passion for understanding people and society.  She worked for the Vancouver School Board in 2005 as a special education assistant for seven years and loved her time working with children with special needs and she understood the power of education.  Then she was introduced to the financial industry by her husband and they decided to build their own financial agency together. She realized her love for teaching and empowering families especially in personal finance and she believes that if she can help families in this area, they can have better marriages and focus on important matters and have choices for their future.  Grace has been with World Financial Group for 14 years and leads an amazing team of people at her Burnaby office who she now mentors to do what she does.  She believes wholeheartedly in personal development and as a woman in business, she has learned the value of leadership, total commitment and living a life on purpose.

Come for lunch on November 26th in Vancouver at The Sylvia Hotel. Registration is required and you may come two times as guest or membership is required in either The Ladies Meeting Business Club or YVR Mastermind Golden Circle.

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You can join us now in The Entrepreneur Collective and connect with other members and ask Grace any questions

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