March Speaker Iliana Hegewisch will speak on The Heart of Happiness

Our Speaker this month:
Iliana Hegewisch will speak on The Heart of Happiness

Iliana started her self-consciousness journey when she was only 18 years old through meditation
practices, ancient healing modalities, silence retreats, mindfulness, has studied different wisdom
traditions, metaphysics, spirituality, quantic physics and has been dedicated 17 years to the human potential teachings. She has been a facilitator in radio, been on tv shows and written wellbeing articles and produced an audio meditation program, Self Discovery audiobook, and a work booklet sold more than 5k copies at
wholesale retail stores and online. She is a certified as an Accelerated Evolution therapeutic processor,
as a Bach Flower remedies facilitator, in Reiki as an intuitive healer. She currently serves women looking
to release resistance and emotional charge. Iliana is passionate about her relationship with her husband
of 22 years, and enjoys her two sons who are in their 20’s.

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