September Speaker will be Christine Galer General Manager at The Big Picture Coach

Top ten ways to work with your life partner in biz and not want to kill each other!

Bio: Christine Von Pander(Nee Galer – as she had a surprise wedding last month many of us were invited or attended)is a veteran of corporate procurement. A former VP and Accreditation Chair of the BC Chapter of PMAC. A specialist in Purchasing & Procurement for over a decade, she has worked across multiple industries. These include Resources, Manufacturing, Distribution, Technology, & Chemical industries.

Experienced & expert in the review, design, & implementation of the effective systems & processes that deliver the results her clients want most. A natural integrator, she combines the logical systems & technology approach with the people-oriented behavioural dimension key to attracting & retaining quality teams. She helps create the environment for sustainable high-performance solutions.

To come hear her speak at our next The Ladies Meeting visit our fb page

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