Shelley R Shearer – High Functioning Habits

Our speaker this month is Member and Author Shelley R Shearer.

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Shelley Shearer. Mother, grandmother, author and coach. Here are her 8 questions answered and a great conversation.
You can also check her new guide to building great habits.
-Take a deep dive into what will actually make a lasting change in your life.
-Real, Common Sense that leads to Uncommon Results... Quickly.
-Expert advice to avoid the mistakes we made when we started out.
You can download it at and come out and hear her speak at our next meeting on September
You can check out other events and member blogs

We meet once a month at The Sylvia Hotel, Vancouver. We are a social and business networking group for any woman. We are all here to support each other in our definition of success and personal leadership. Please check out our members through their writings on the blog, their ads and in-person at lunch each month. Looking to build more than just a network, join us also for our monthly mastermind in the mornings. See Anyssa for more info. Find out more a business, benefits of being a member and our monthly podcast at

You may come 2x as a guest - we will put the cost of the first visit towards your membership if you join the month after your visit.

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