Thank you for offering to be a speaker at The Ladies Meeting

Please read through some of the basic expectations of being a speaker to see if the task is something you would like to do. ( and yours!)

First though, here are some of the benefits of being a speaker at our events, hosting a round table, or doing a podcast with us.

  1. We share your event with our members, and our lists via email and Linkedin which is over 5000.  As we grow, so will our list.
  2. We pay to advertise many of our events, and when you share them online, not just “like” or look at them, then we all benefit
  3. We get to know more about you and as a private women’s club, it is a great way for a large group to learn to ” Know – Like – Trust” you.
  4. As we know more about you then we will know who to match you up with and recommend you have a coffee meeting with – who knows.. they might be your next best client, or that mentor you really truly need.. or someone you can lift of because of your own experience.


  1. You must have a valid The Ladies Meeting, YVR MASTERMIND  ( OUR MORNING MASTERMIND GROUP) or are a GOLD sponsor:   at least one month before you are to speak.
  2. To make the most out of being a speaker, we work hard to get a podcast done, and up online with your by the 15th of the month. We make time for this and hope you will to unless there is a life-changing event that can’t be helped. We need you to show up.
  3. Show up and ask others to as well. As a speaker you can have up to 5 guests come for no cost. They must be registered with us by at least the day before so we can let the hotel know how many people will be attending.  If you had a chance to listen to member Andrea Turner’s talk on ” Walking the Walk” we hope you will keep your commitment or give us a ton of notice so we can find someone else who can make time to fill the gap.
  4. You need to be comfortable with sharing: We request you post the event on your Linkedin, share on Facebook & Instagram if you have it. ( content is all created for you for each format if you need assistance you get a free social media course as well  & Anyssa can coach you through any challenges.
  5. Come to the meeting you are speaking at early, be prepared, and take time to answer questions and connect after.
  6. Assist us to create the blog post that we will be sharing out for you and if you have changes, please let us know and we can update it while you have a valid membership.

If you have not done much speaking before you may also want to print off the free Speakers check list you get in The Entrepreneur Collective. Check it out under courses~