You are invited to The Ladies Meeting. We meet for lunch on the last Tuesday of each month except December. (we have a Soiree and clothing swap in December)

Your Eventbrite code to save $15 on your ticket is  2019Guest
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Book and come back and read more and explore with a cup of tea or coffee!
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We are a private women's club that has been meeting in Vancouver since 2016.  Members have paid an annual fee to attend and to be part of our training platform, or YVR Masterminds. ( business growth group)  and we would love to have you as a guest!

When you come to the meeting we each introduce ourselves, so it is a great place to practice public speaking! We don't do elevator speeches though, so come ready with

  1. Your business or project name,
  2. one thing you are thankful for being able to do ( Kayaking, teaching, traveling - anything!)
  3. One thing you are thankful for having
  4. one item you really want to achieve or a place you want to go, or a person you want to meet!
Do you need business cards? If you have them, please just bring three to use.  We have a three-card business card protocol, so that you spend time getting to know the woman across from you instead of handing out business cards to everyone in the room. We promise she will be amazing and worth your time and attention!
1 card is for the door prize draw - ( if you don't have cards, bring a small card with your name, email and phone
2 cards are to give to the two other amazing women you will take time to get to know a little and we hope you will contact them and hook up before the next meeting.

Details you may want to know:
We each pay for our own lunch ( tip is included on your lunch bill when you get it)
The speakers are all members and have been given an opportunity to use over $2000 worth of promo for the lunch they will speak at and may pitch you an offer at the end of their talk. If you are a member they will give you a better price.
To be on The Ladies Meeting Podcast you need to be a member
To be a guest blogger there is a marketing fee if you are not a member
Members can also be featured at anytime in the newsletter and on Linkedin
Members have instant access to The Entrepreneur Collective
The Ladies Meeting is produced by Anyssa Jane of The Communication Studio

Anyssa Jane

The Ladies Meeting Producer