So glad you found us. We are a private woman’s club who meets on the last Tuesday of every month in Vancouver. (Except December ’cause that would be crazy)

Have you been looking for a group that you can call home? Where deep, long-term friendships are built, fortified and encouraged?  Where collaboration is valued over competition, and picking each other up when we fall, and holding on tight until we find our definition of success, is the goal?

Welcome to where women & power can be talked about, where growing your business, getting on the stage, showing off your children’s successes will not be greeted with jealousy or judgment, sharing your failures and losses, is welcomed.  Were celebrating your own brand of feminism, being your own band of women, is totally acceptable and even encouraged.  Welcome to a club where you can show up as yourself, bring your highs and lows, and know you will be supported. We host women from all walks of life, all faiths, all ages, immigrants to Canada, retired and students, if you define yourself as a women, you are welcome.

Welcome to The Ladies Meeting.
If you would like to come out for lunch and check us out, get your ticket below.
You can just come for lunch, or get your membership for 2019 or get our annual membership for just $99 for the last time!
If you are looking for more than lunch and want to work on your personal and business success, we have a power breakfast, join us at A S.T.A.F.F. Meeting! Click for tickets
(Your meal and drinks are not included – we have amazing table service at The Sylvia Hotel in Vancouver. 
There is limited parking so please check out the ticket site and look for ride sharing. )