What Momma Says…About Grief Paperback – May 5 2017 Charlene Helm

Charlene Helm Author of – A book on how to deal with grief when a child looses a parent to tragedy.

This is a story which embraces the concept of empowering children to heal their delicate hearts in times of sadness and great loss. It can be scary for children to feel lost and confused when facing emotions around an unexpected life-altering event, and even scarier to be an adult trying to figure out how to manage our own feelings in these situations while trying to be present in our parenting at the same time. What Momma Says…About Grief takes adults and children on a transformational journey that highlights specific emergent and highly effective strategies that will offer the tools necessary to process grief in healthy ways. This book showcases techniques, tools, and practices that can be implemented immediately to aid the child in acquiring valuable life-long, self -help skills that teach them how to process big emotions while reinforcing the loving bond between adult and child in difficult times. May What Momma Says…About Grief bring comfort and warmth to your home and shed a light on any dark days you may face.
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