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The Ladies Meeting is back and in the Comox Valley

About us:

Helping women discover more possibilities and create more realities though listening, learning, sharing and live events:

I grew up wondering what the “Ladies Meetings” were doing at church when they went out back and now I am old enough to guess.. They were talking about men, sneaking a smoke, a coffee or maybe a nip of gin. They were sharing their stories of children lost, children raised, mothers, husbands, partners, lovers and inlaws and out laws. They talked about the food they could make, what they would bake.  I don’t go to church anymore I know we still need to meet, learn and teach each other, share our stories, & learn from each other. So I create The Ladies Meeting.  Before covid.. we met live in Vancouver for 5 years of luncheons, speakers, podcast and amazing network.   Moving to the island after covid has brought around alot of changes, and more ways to grow and connect with people!  We will get back to doing online events, and dinners and luncheons in new places and starting new groups.

Our launch on Vancouver Island is soft and easy walking events and we will start with memorable mastermind soul suppers in the fall and starting to expore new venues and places! To find us weekly every Monday, in Comox Valley for now! Join our meetup group.

Comox Valley Women’s Walking Group: Explore, Connect, and Energize!

🚶‍♀️🌳💃 Ready for nature, connection, and fun? Join our Ladies’ Walking Group. We explore Comox Valley’s stunning landscapes on Monday nights (excluding holidays). RSVP required.

🌟 Why Join Us

1️⃣ Wellness and Fitness: Walk for physical and mental well-being.

2️⃣ Scenic Beauty: Discover Comox Valley’s breathtaking views.

3️⃣ Community: Connect with incredible women, share stories, and build friendships.

4️⃣ Fun and Relaxation: Enjoyment for all fitness levels.

👭 You should have a basic fitness levels, ages 45-65 is the focus but not mandatory (capable of 5-10 km walks), Bring comfy shoes, water, and a smile!

🌸 Let’s embrace nature, bond with amazing women, and make this a cherished tradition. See you there!

The idea of The Ladies Meeting was started in 2012 in a small BC town by Anyssa .  We started out as just coffee meetings, women supporting each other.  Since opening in Vancouver in 2016 we have brought together a diverse group of women to share presentations and information to assist each other in success on our own terms.  Just before covid we were at nearly 30-50 women gathering at the Sylvia Hotel for lunch.  Looking forward to seeing you all again soon and if you are on Vancouver Island please join us!
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